Terms of Service
eGem Studio's Terms of Service
  • While we will do our best to keep the project ongoing and growing, if at any point the team can longer run the project, we will hand it over to the community.
  • Our NFTs are not investments or assets, they are simply collectible digital art pieces. Purchases by minting are non-refundable.
  • We reserve the right to amend these Terms and our roadmap without prior notice.
  • Our NFTs are provided "AS IN" without any warranty or support.
  • Nothing on our site constitutes financial advice.
  • Concerning NFTs that are upgradeable into metaverse artifacts, the collection author will be solely responsible for the development of the metaverse models and functionalities.
  • For NFTs that are exchangeable, they can only be exchanged for NFTs from collections authored by the author of the NFT they want to exchange with. Such exchanges can only happen during the minting of the new collection. It is at the collection author's discretion to decide which of their collections to allow to be exchanged for previous releases.
  • For NFTs which are exchangeable, to exchange them, holders must return any bonuses that were awarded to the NFT they want to exchange during its minting to make the exchange.
  • eGem Studios releases two types of NFT collections:

    • self-releases - releases published by eGem Studio team
    • third-party releases - releases published on behalf of independent artists

    For releases made by artists other than the eGem Studio's team, the artist(third party artists) on whose behalf we publish the NFT collection is solely responsible for support, development, community building, and the overall utility of their collections.

    We only publish the files associated with their content as well as the blockchain smart contracts. We are not affiliated with the third-party authors or projects whose collections we publish nor do we endorse them.

    Third-party artists also bear full responsibility for all liabilities that their collections or its holders may incur.
  • This Term is used in conjunction with the statements on our About us page.
If you do not agree to any of these Terms, please do not participate in our project.