Welcome to the gems factory
eGem.studio is a premier NFT art studio on the EtherGem network. We publish premium NFTs made by our inhouse-artists and third-party partnering artists.
Roadmap for the year 2022*
  1. Launch two collections
  2. Launch two utility avenues for our NFTs
  3. Do airdrop to build community
  4. Build infrastructure to support third-party artist releases
  1. Increase our team
  2. Onboard new third-party artists and publish their works
  3. Reward early community members and minters
  1. Develop DAO for our community and minters
  1. Commerce work on our VR showroom
  2. Commence work on print-on-demand merch capabilities for NFTs
  3. Commence work on developing 3D models for self-released collections that support metaverse upgrades
* These plans are subject to change and are not guaranteed. They will be updated in time to reflect their current relevant state.
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the terms for a third-party artist?
  1. The Studio keeps 3% or 300 (whichever is higher) NFTs of total NFT collections
  2. The Studio studio keeps 3% of all funds from the minted NFT assets
  3. NFTs are published are licensed under the NFT License
  4. The decision to publish a collection is solely at the Studios' discretion
  5. NFT collection authors are solely responsible for developing, marketing, and maintaining their projects.
  6. NFT collections are solely responsible for any liabilities that their collection or its holders may incur.
What makes us special?
  1. Some of our collections can be upgraded into metaverse items
  2. We will soon launch a VR Showroom so holders can showcase their work. They will also be able to print them.
  3. Emphasis on quality. Our preferred format is SVG, ensuring the work preserves quality at any scale.
  4. Minters qualify to be rewarded with airdrops from future releases
  5. You can swap your current NFT for NFTs from new minters by the same author!
  6. Our collections are cheap. Cute owl is less than $1 / OWL
  7. Tight ecosystem integration, proving minters with a lot of avenues for utility
  8. We are building a strong community
  9. We are invested in eGem ecosystem, supporting us will go a long way to enabling us to continue developing on eGem!